Thank you so much for stopping by Best Oil for Deep Frying. You probably came to our site looking for some information on oils and on this website we are dedicated to bringing the truth about frying oils to light. Not all oils are bad even though they get a bad reputation. In fact many oils are very good for you. Being informed about what you put into your body is the best way to gain absolute power over your own health. Knowing the difference between what is beneficial to your health and what is harmful, can drastically change the course of your life.

We created this website due to the mass number of incurable diseases, like Crohn’s disease. The number of digestive disorders out rank the number of people that have cancer and heart diseases and the chances of being diagnosed with an incurable digestive disorder is only increasing. Crohn’s disease causes a whirl wind of digestive side effects that will run rampant in your intestinal tract and only become more aggravated after the consumption of the wrong foods.

We found out that despite being labeled “incurable” side effects of serious illnesses like Crohn’s disease can be dramatically decreased by consuming the right oils. The largest contributor to digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease is the over digestion of omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids plague processed foods that we regularly consume and are over flowing in the form of bad oils like vegetable, and corn oil. A way to combat these serious digestive symptoms is by eating the right oils. Oils that contain the proper balance of omega 3 fatty acids are not only beneficial but imperative to your health-with or without disease. This is why our site is determined to get information out on the relevance of healthy oils.